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Waves Platform Sails On Vostok Speculation

The WAVES coin is causing a splash, having advanced 85% in the last 30 days while its peers are just beginning to see daylight. Today the price is up another 15%, buoyed in part by the popular WAVES/USDT trading pair added on Huobi Global exchange. But there’s more going on, although Waves Founder and CEO Sasha Ivanov is playing coy with the details.

Ivanov has been teasing the Waves community about the latest announcement on social media, causing some followers to accuse him of picking up Justin Sun’s bad habits. But this new tease, which may have had something to do with today’s double-digit spike in price, is out of character for the Waves chief.

What we do know about tomorrow’s announcement is that it seems to involve Vostok, a private chain project, also founded by Ivanov.  Named after the Soviet rocket that in 1961 thrust the first human into space, Vostok is dedicated to large businesses and public institutions, and it may be the catalyst that (the founder hopes) will send the price into the stratosphere. According to Ivanov, cited in TechCrunch:

Vostok is a multi- purpose solution, quite simple, but at the same time non-trivial. It will allow any large organization to gain the benefits of blockchain without having to create new systems from scratch or retrain their staff.

Waves Platform Speeds Along

Waves is a smart contract-fueled blockchain platform, which also includes a wallet and decentralized exchange. The blockchain is known for being faster than Bitcoin or Ethereum, and recently processed “a record-breaking number of transactions in October 2018” at 33,625,020. In a single day that month, the network “processed 6.1 million transactions on the mainnet.”  Meanwhile, Ethereum’s speed hovers around 15 TPS while Bitcoin is stuck in the single digits.

Waves is also touting the strength of the nodes, whose number has grown by 75% even as the largest pool shrank by 60%. Smaller miners have seen a 25% gain in revenue.

At a recent hackathon in Moscow, Waves devs highlighted a“small piece of hardware [that] can monitor your node, show blockchain height, last block, did you mine a block or not, alert on forks and many more interesting features.” 

In other developments, the project has just launched a blockchain KYC standard for token issuers in partnership with the Switzerland-based nonprofit BetterTokens. It gives blockchain startups the ability to apply for Qualified Token Issuer status. No word on whether it can shoot them to the moon, however.

The author is invested in digital assets, including Ethereum which is mentioned in this article.

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