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Vite Code Review: Decentralized App Platform

Thought it would be worth visiting Vite, quite a few people talking about it so here’s your Vite code review. Always interesting when the website opens up with tech talk, no fancy marketing here apart from a cool spinny thing, we’re straight into “verification of transactions are asynchronously decoupled, thereby supporting ultra-high throughput. Inter-contract communications are based on an asynchronous messaging model”.

Not very friendly to the non-blockchain-coder type, but maybe that’s going to be indicative of amazing code? So, concession to public demand for wanting to know what they do, exactly, “Next generation high performance decentralized application platform”

How many do we need? Answer, all of them.

Usual asynchronous processing, DAG, etc fluff. Let’s jump into code.

Promising start. We have a block explorer, we have an API, we have a go-vite implementation. Let’s jump into the core, go-vite

Semi active, good layout, so far so good.

commands are a skeleton for now, but let’s keep going, we can at least get an idea for their architecture design.

Ummm, that’s not how you create an address guys…

At least they have a good sense of humor 😉

Send and receive blocks, each block is a transaction, each account is its own blockchain (so Nano?)

Ok, so not a lot going on here, but you know what, at least it is code and at least they are attempting something.


Vite Code Review Conclusion:

Not a lot to comment on currently, but they are trying. Their javascript skills do seem better than the go skills though. I don’t think the idea is going to have the throughput and scalability they are hoping for, asynchronous just doesn’t exist in a byzantine environment, at some point you have to address double spend and sybil and then you are left with some kind of synchronous process.

Not really adding much to the space, but hey, at least it has some real code.

Their website is at

Or chat about it in our Telegram group.

Disclaimer: Crypto Briefing code reviews are performed by auditing what is on display in the master branch of the repo’s made available. This was performed as an educational review and any comments in the article are the opinion of the writer. It is normal for code to change rapidly, hence we timestamp our code reviews so that they present a snapshot at a moment in time. Information contained herein should not be used as any comment or advice on the project as a whole.

Vite Code Review Timestamp: July 11th 2018

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