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Video: Is TRON Getting Hitched?

TRON has made big gains this year, but they’ve recently started to slip. Today’s Video Briefing covers the latest news from the smart contract platform – including the latest card that could help TRON win the jackpot.

As Crypto Briefing reported yesterday, the TRON Foundation has announced plans to make Tether (USDT) compatible with the TRC-20 standard, bringing the most popular stablecoin into yet another blockchain. Kiana explains what that means for TRX investors and developers, and why some hope to see new value entering the TRON ecosystem.

Next, Kiana takes a look at TRX’s charts to see how prices have been affected. Although the latest announcement has brought back some big green candles, that might not be enough to chase away the looming shadows over the TRON prices. The Tether-TRON partnership might be good news for TRX investors, but don’t expect any immediate impact on the price.


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