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Streamr Wins Global Innovation Award, Partners With HPE

Despite heavy competition from hundreds of startups across Europe, Streamr won the Plug and Play Global Innovation Award last week. The award was presented to the company during the STARTUP AUTOBAHN EXPO Day ceremony in Stuttgart, Germany.

STARTUP AUTOBAHN is Europe’s largest innovation platform that holds the award to unite and showcase tech startups in Silicon Valley and Germany. Over 30 startups were presented in the final round of consideration.

Streamr Partnering With HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)

Ultimately, Streamr was chosen to receive the award as a result of the pilot project the company has been developing with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). HPE and Streamr collect real-time vehicle data from sensors within your car. That data keeps track of fuel consumption, your location, acceleration and gearing, and more information about your car.

Streamr’s goals are to keep that information in the hands of the driver instead of being sold to car manufacturers, smart city operators, and highway agencies who could use your data to their advantage in many different ways. Monetizing your OWN data is one of the key promises of blockchain technology.

“In today’s ambitious race to innovate, it’s humbling and empowering to have the great work and success the team has achieved, in collaboration with HPE, formally recognized on such an influential stage. We are honored to have won this award on our pursuit of innovative and effective real-time data utilization and having this industry support really reinforces our mission and makes us very excited about what we can continue to achieve in the future,” said Henry Pihkala, Streamr’s CEO.

Auto Blockchain Innovation Is Driving Forward

Streamr has been honored for its commitment to data protection and safety in the auto industry, but a lot of exciting work is being done with blockchain to improve the industry.

For instance, the use of ride sharing services is being influenced by blockchain technology through companies such as La-Zooz, an Israeli tech company, that has started using a decentralized platform in transportation. Renault has also been attempting to establish car passports for drivers and car owners to keep their information on various systems for automakers, repair shops, and more.

Streamr is just one of the many companies looking to improve mobility and develop automotive technology through the use of blockchain.

What’s the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative?

Along with General Motors, Ford, BMW, and Renault, the mission to protect automotive data through blockchain tech will continue with Streamer joining the new Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative ecosystem. MOBI will be using blockchain to make mobility a lot more energy efficient, safer, and more affordable for drivers.

To date, it’s the largest joint venture within the automotive industry to raise the mobility standards of safety and efficiency. Over the next few years, major strides are expected to be made to improve mobility and chance the automobile industry.

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