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SingularityNET Delivers Blockchain AI To Domino’s Pizza

Bitcoin’s first payment may have been at Papa John’s, but the blockchain world has not wandered far from the pizza parlor. Now, one of the largest purveyors of Italian fast food is trying to deliver better services through blockchain technology. Domino’s Pizza has announced a future strategic partnership with SingularityNET, which will leverage the decentralized AI marketplace to bring more cheesy goodness to customers in Malaysia and Singapore.

According to a joint press release, the partnership will see SingularityNET’s decentralized community develop new AI and machine learning algorithms. Domino’s Pizza will use these algorithms to solve supply chain and logistical challenges, thereby improving operational effectiveness for 260 stores in the Singapore-Malaysia markets.

For Domino’s, the partnership represents an opportunity to streamline services and delivery, using cutting-edge technology and algorithms. “[W]e combine technology and the talents of our people to provide our customers with the best products and service by driving innovation,”said Ba U Shan-Ting, CEO of Domino’s Pizza for the Malaysia & Singapore region.

“Our newest transformation effort is occurring in our Operations function, where we are automating significant portions of our delivery operations and consolidating our operations centres,” Ba added. “SingularityNET’s AI algorithms and services will allow us to explore these efficiencies at scale.”

It’s also a big step forward for SingularityNET, which now enjoys the recognition of a multinational retailer. In order to participate in the decentralized AI marketplace, Dominos will need to own and hodl SingularityNET’s AGI token. 

“Today in 2019 we are going forward into a new phase of society and economy where AI is going to be the main focus of innovation across all domains of industry,” said CEO Ben Goertzel, “so it is to Domino’s credit that they are fully embracing AI as a key part of their path forward.”

Goertzel expects more collaborations to follow, if Dominos can realize the benefits of a decentralized AI marketplace. “Embracing AI is what every company is going to need to do if they are going to succeed and flourish,” he said. “The projects we are discussing with Domino’s now are envisioned as the start of a long series of creative and transformative AI collaborations.”

The idea of a blockchain-enabled AI market may sound like a tall order, but it’s an appetizing prospect for retailers. However, it remains to be seen if this partnership can really deliver.

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