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I Lost My Degree Certificate, Can I Still Get A Job?

Education is broken… it’s a refrain heard across borders in the western world. Too many boomers, not enough taxpayers. And once their kids leave school, many parents become suddenly uninterested in funding everyone else’s offspring as they learn about Christopher Columbus sailing the ocean blue.

Education is underfunded, undervalued, and in many developed nations, kids are underachieving.

Can blockchain technology incite a revolution in education, as it is doing in retail and other industries? Some startups believe so.


The Opet Foundation is an artificial intelligence and blockchain-based chatbot learning platform that seeks to revolutionize some major aspects of our educational system. At the center of Opet’s education ecosystem will be a digital chatbot that provides a “customized learning experience” for every student. This chatbot is powered by AI and machine learning to provide students with a lot more control over their own education.

In a traditional classroom, there is one teacher per two dozen students and each one learns information a bit differently. Opet’s platform and chatbot allow students to study at their own pace with a curriculum focused specifically on chemistry, physics, math, and biology. Public school students are the targeted audience.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Opet’s Platform?

Aside from the obvious benefits of using blockchain and AI to help young adults learn more effectively, the approach is designed to address the ever-growing class divide in education. Students separated into private and public school often have different educational experiences and that can lead to a wide range of student readiness for college, which is exactly the problem Opet’s platform is addressing.

The approach should provide many students with a better understanding of their own learning patterns and much better results on crucial test scores. That gives a lot more young adults an advantage heading into the workforce or college, and helps create a stronger portfolio and career options after graduating from grade school.

Opet’s platform offers a new approach to change our education system, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What Other Benefits Can Blockchain Offer Students?

ChainScript, a program being developed by the University of Texas, is using blockchain technology to create an in-depth portfolio for each student that presents their tests scores and grades along with a full history of their academic career. This portfolio on a blockchain ledger keeps a student’s records in one place ensuring a more smooth application process for them as they apply to colleges, universities, or even potential jobs. MIT is looking at similar solutions.

Students utilizing such a portfolio would also allow them to keep track of their records through college and into their work careers. Degrees, certificates, and other accomplishments will be paperless and make the entire job hunting process easier for new graduates and employers. All records will be verified and organized for young adults from high school, through college, and into the adult world. That’s an incredible advantage.


Blockchain’s influence on our education system could result in students learning in the classroom efficiently in a new innovative way. Every student already has a phone in their pocket. Why not put it to good use? The benefits of preparing more young adults for college life and giving them the necessary tools to find success in their lives is the next step to make our education system more efficient and more tenable.

The author does not currently hold digital assets.

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