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Ethereum’s High, High Hopes May be Shattering

Today’s Video Briefing takes a look at the latest bump in Ethereum’s wild ride. The price of ether tokens is back in double digit territory, after a year-long bubble that saw it crossing the thousand-dollar mark. Despite some very high hopes, the platform has not been able to handle serious levels of throughput, even from comparatively small decentralized applications.

Kiana takes a look at some of the new technologies that could give Ethereum a new lease on life, with higher levels of transaction throughput and a greener footprint. “Ethereum 2.0” could be a game changer. Let’s just hope it doesn’t arrive after the game is already over.

Then Kiana takes a look at the daily chart to see how deep this drop can go. As the $80 support line weakens, the ether token could threaten even further declines. It might look like the end of the road for Ethereum, but looks can be deceiving.

Is there hope for Ethereum, or is the bubble popped for good? Let us know what you think! 

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