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Drink Guinness, Impale Enemies, Impersonate Elvis – Get Crypto!

Travel isn’t free, but you might be able to offset your next airline ticket in cryptocurrency. KeyoCoin, a blockchain project for the travel industry, has launched a series of 1000 location-based travel challenges in 100 top cities, allowing travelers to earn KeyoCoin tokens before the official launch next year.

There’s a vast array of challenges that will take you to some of the world’s greatest landmarks and will create vast amounts of content for the platform to publish on its various social channels. It’s viral content that could be the secret sauce of the marketing plan for this travel rewards and concierge app.

Now you’re unlikely to make enough to cover the cost of travel, but if you’re there then it’s a way to get people involved, and paying users for their content is undoubtedly the way of the blockchain.

The challenges include:

  1. Los Angeles, CA – Challenge a man or woman on Muscle Beach to a push-up contest. Film it.

  2. Las Vegas, NV – Sing Viva Las Vegas in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Film that too.

  3. Cancun, Mexico – Go to the Tulum Ruins, wear an Indiana Jones hat and film your cinematic exploration.

  4. Hong Kong – Find Bruce Lee’s statue, square up like you’re ready to take him on and take a photo.

  5. Johannesburg, South Africa – Tour the Apartheid Museum and record a 30-second review outside.

  6. Rome, Italy – Give Russell Crowe’s famous outburst in Gladiator and send the footage.

  7. London, England – Speak perfect English, including the clipped accent, to the Pelicans in St James’ Park.

  8. Dublin, Ireland – Pour a perfect pint of Guinness for the camera.

Participants can earn tokens ahead of the launch next year to spend in a network of 12,000 hotels, tours, activities and experiences. The travel concierge and rewards app is already available for download and it remains to be seen if the coin turns out to be a simple utility coin or if it captures the attention of the wider market.

Matt Baer, CEO and founder of KeyoCoin said:

“Naturally, our marketplace will reward people when they book, but our travel challenges also give people countless opportunities to earn crypto rewards without needing to make a purchase. Independent travel businesses will also be able to give something back to their model guests; those that take the time to leave a review.”

A Community System Can Work

It’s a novel concept that will put the traveller closer to the accommodation and actually reward an ongoing relationship. That can be in the form of future discounts, or simple rewards for following through and leaving a review that helps others on the system make their own informed choices.

That works on a conceptual level, but the real challenge with rewards-based systems is the network of partners. That can make or break the business and will make the world of difference to the company valuation.

Good Tech Partners, Now For Travel

KeyoCoin claims to have made headway with some solid partners in tech, with support from Oracle, Hyperloop, Western Union, Live Nation and IGN. Now it needs to add the major hotel chains, hotel and travel sites and the entire support industry that goes with travel and entertainment.

These challenges will continue to grow and the venues, experiences and resorts have offered to sponsor them, which again will strengthen the bond between the ecosystem of vendors, potential customers and the people spending money.

Is that enough to carve out a niche in the cryptocurrency sector? It could well be, if KeyoCoin can bring in the right partners.

The author is not invested in digital assets. 

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