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Crypto Consortium FIO Welcomes Infinito Wallet To The Fold

Infinito Wallet, a multi-asset digital storage provider with 60,000 users, has just become the newest member of the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO). By integrating Infinito to its network of exchanges, wallets and payments providers, FIO seeks to streamline the process of crypto storage and payments.

In  a press release, FIO described its long-term aims to make cryptocurrency as seamless and intuitive as PayPal, Venmo, or any other fiat-based payments provider. In order to do so, FIO provides an added layer of connectivity to crypto exchanges, wallets, and payments providers through a decentralized blockchain protocol. Members of the consortium provide input and guidance on this protocol’s development, with the goal of integrating the decentralized service layer into their products.

The development team at FIO feels the architects behind Infinito Wallet bring along a valuable set of competencies to the project. David Gold, CEO of Dapix, the team behind the FIO protocol’s development, said:

“We’re so pleased to welcome Infinito as a full member of FIO. Their ongoing commitment to develop and implement UI/UX improvements is a goal mirrored by all of our members, and we’re looking forward to leveraging their expertise in security tokens, having launched the world’s first KYC-enabled security token wallet last year.”  

Cryptocurrency is about not only personal sovereignty, but financial connectivity. Breaking the barriers between global currencies as well as trading and storage platforms is a requirement in order for the space to move forward.

A working relationship between Infinito Wallet and FIO will likely improve the user experience of the average cryptocurrency holder, and bring developers closer to solving the problem of inter-wallet usability. Jack Nguyen, CEO of Infinito Wallet, stated:

“Through this partnership with FIO, users will soon be able to transact their crypto funds from any blockchain on any wallet or exchange easily and error-free. Both Infinito and FIO firmly believe that this is a crucial step to make blockchain mass adoption a reality.”

Infinito will join several other leading wallet and exchange protocols already participating in FIO, including, KeepKey, Coinomi, Mycelium and Trust Wallet, the official mobile wallet of the Binance exchange.


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