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China Really, Really, Likes EOS

China’s national blockchain referee has made a call, and the rulings are in: EOS is by far the China’s favorite blockchain, distantly followed by Ethereum and NEO. The scores were released in China’s second monthly Global Public Chain Assessment Index, which was published yesterday.

The report was published by the China Center for Information Industry Development, an office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

EOS, which launched earlier this month, led the pack with a score of 161.5. “It has outstanding technical advantages in transaction confirmation efficiency, network throughput, and transaction costs,” CCID said in its report. “Although there were some accidents such as short-term delays, it is highly active in technological innovation and the software is updated quickly, making it most closely-watched new public chains.”

Ethereum, which won the gold medal in last month’s index, has been knocked down to second place, while Chinese-based NEO narrowly climbed to third. Nebulas, another new home team from China, scored a respectable sixth.

There are quite a few changes to this month’s list. Cardano, Monero and Steem each dropped several places, while Ark, Ripple and Bitshares gained ground. Bitcoin scored even worse than it did last time, falling from 13th place to lucky 17.

CCID explained that the second assessment model had been “optimized” to reflect security assessment and ease-of-development. “However, the basic model of technology assessment has not changed,” the report says.

CCID is light on specifics, so it’s not clear what reasoning or methodology is used to calculate the scores. However, based on the rankings, decentralization is not a high priority. The most decentralized and private cryptocurrencies are clustered around the bottom, while more centralized currencies and dApp platforms are near the top.

Although China’s government has been strict on ICOs and currency exchanges, that hasn’t stopped industry regulators from watching blockchain developments with great interest. “All experts [involved] have unanimously recognized the positive significance of this evaluation ranking for the development of blockchain technology research,” the CCID report says.

The report was formally released at a forum hosted by the Blockchain Research Institute. At the forum, Li Jiang, Microsoft’s China CTO, emphasized that blockchain could reinvent production relations and improve efficiency. Bai Shuo, a former engineer for the Shanghai Stock Exchange, emphasized that blockchain developers should focus on more than merely improving transactions per second.

The full rankings are available below:

Global Public Chain Assessment Index(Second Issue)RankingNameCategoryTotalTechnologyApplicationInnovation1EOS102.015.444.1161.52以太坊(Ethereum)85.224.928.3138.43NEO73.727.47.9109.04恒星链(Stellar)应用链(Lisk)66.720.818.1105.66星云链(Nebulas)73.521.110.7105.37斯蒂姆链(Steem)86.97.510.1104.58比特股(BitShares)82.310.910.9104.19瑞波链(Ripple)77.19.416.4102.910量子链(Qtum)59.924.116.3100.311Waves63.819.516.9100.212卡尔达诺(Cardano)54.713.028.496.113门罗(Monero)67.412.915.695.914Ark61.319.913.895.015以太经典

(Ethereum Classic)69.612.912.394.816科莫多(Komodo)61.417.715.694.717比特币(Bitcoin)41.614.935.091.518Stratis60.117.513.591.119埃欧塔(IOTA)70.913.16.590.520Verge66.达世币(Dash)51.219.817.288.222字节币(Bytecoin)70.513.03.987.423纳诺(NANO)62.711.39.383.324莱特币(Litecoin)47.711.021.780.425云储链(Sia)52.512.513.678.626超级现金(Hcash)大零币(Zcash)50.213.513.276.928比特现金

(Bitcoin Cash)新经链(NEM)

Disclaimer:The author is invested in several cryptocurrencies mentioned in this article.

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