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Cats Fight To The Death On The Blockchain: Awwwww

Markets making you howl? It’s not too late to recoup some of your losses. SuperDAO has announced a new game that will allow hodlers to monetize their CryptoKitties in the most humane way possible: by pitting their pets against one another in virtual cat-fights, on the blockchain.

The new dApp, KittieFIGHT, is a merger of the internet’s two favorite pastimes: gambling and cats.

In short, players send their CryptoKitties to a smart contract, which translates their “cattributes” into combat stats for a Tekken-like fight to the death.

As SuperDAO explains in a Medium post, the new game brings new functionality to the CryptoKitty protocol, which was previously nothing more than a game of collectible tokens.

But, if forcing Fluffy to fight for your amusement is still too family -friendly, there’s also a chance that your furry friend might not make it back home. Losing players forfeit their cats, SuperDAO explains, and if they cannot pay a ransom, the dApp “also solves the problem of oversupply…. via [a] euthanasia/kittie-sink called kittieHELL.”

That might sound a bit morbid, but it’s still less bloody than checking CoinMarketCap.



There’s another aspect to the gambling mechanism, which brings KittieFIGHT across the line from “kind of messed up” to “Diabolically evil.” It’s not just players who are making money on the outcome of a cat-fight, SuperDAO explains. Spectators can bet too….and their bets affect the outcome of the match:

The game then works like a boxing match where fans cheer there respective champions on. In this case the cheering coming in the form of actual cash in the form of tokens and or Eth. Each action from a KittieFigher’s supporter serves to wear down the defences of the opponent fighter.

In other words, KittieFight isn’t so much a cross between cats and fighting games as it is one between cats and FOMO3d.

Just like the “provably fair” games which dominated the Ethereum network earlier this year, with jackpots reaching scores of millions, KittieFIGHT is designed to reward gamblers and incentivize bigger bets.

Each pot is seeded with a small amount of ether and tokens, which are shared among the winning team — with the biggest shares going to the highest rollers. That means, if you want to see your money again, you have to bet… and bet….. and bet….

KittieFIGHT is one of three dApps in development from SuperDAO, a decentralized organization which we assume is run by a cartel of Bond villains, or Michael Vick. They have already released a demo of their first dApp, a game of decentralized poker.

Hopefully, the poker game doesn’t involve any dead pets….

The author is not invested in KittieFIGHT tokens, but does have a CryptoKitty. 

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