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Cardano Triumvirate Reunites After Family Feud

Cardano investors will now be able to store ADA in the Nano S Ledger wallet. The digital asset, named after the English mathematician Ada Lovelace, will be fully integrated with all Ledger hard wallets, as of today.

Emurgo, Cardano’s official commercial arm, announced this afternoon that it had integrated its own Yoroi wallet – the first app to support an ADA hardware wallet  – with all Ledger products.

Ledger has built and sold more than 1.5M wallets around the world. The company’s popular Nano S is the first and only crypto hardware wallet to be certified by CSPN, the French cybersecurity authority, which requires wallets to withstand multiple cyber attacks.

Speaking to the press, Eric Larchervêque, Ledger’s CEO, said today’s news would allow ADA investors to enjoy “world-class security for their crypto assets.”


Have old wounds healed?

The news is significant for the community, which is still recovering from the infighting between Cardano’s three constituent companies last year. Emurgo, which is chiefly responsible for driving adoption, spearheaded the new wallet initiative. The Cardano Foundation funded their efforts, and Charles Hoskinson’s IOHK provided developers to help with the integration.

Late last year, the community fell victim to an acrimonious dispute, when Emurgo and IOHK alleged that the Foundation had been misusing funds raised during the ICO.

The chairman of the Foundation, Michael Parsons, resigned in November and remaining Foundation employees were temporarily moved over to IOHK. In an AMA shortly after, Hoskinson said he had been “exceedingly unhappy” with the affair,  and mentioned that relations with the Foundation had become strained.

But in today’s announcement, Emurgo CTO Nicolas Arqueros highlighted the latest collaboration as evidence that wounds are starting to heal among Cardano’s three constituent bodies.  Adding Ledger support to ADA, he emphasized, shows that Cardano is working as a whole once again.

“I am especially thrilled to see so many teams come together and cooperate on what really is groundbreaking news for the industry,” he said.


The author is invested in digital assets, but none mentioned in this article.

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