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BlockMedx Signs Up For Skinned CryptoCurve Wallet

Blockchain pharma tech company BlockMedx has signed a deal with CryptoCurve to provide a wallet that plugs straight in to the BlockMedx system.

“Partnering with CryptoCurve was an easy move for us,” explained BlockMedx CEO Michael Brunner. “CryptoCurve has all the features we’re looking for in a wallet and we are excited to make those available to our users.”

CryptoCurve’s mission statement is to make the blockchain more accessible, so that an average user can build their own dApps, but the potential goes way beyond that. Wanchain, which has supported the wallet through its WanLabs initiative, believes it can be the glue that holds a decentralized banking system together. It also believes that the effectively multi-lingual blockchain technology, replete with smart contracts, can provide a rock solid platform for compliant ICO launches.

More Sub-Contracting For CryptoCurve?

CryptoCurve’s wallet is its flagship product, and this is the first time it has sold what amounts to a white label copy to another vendor. This is a taste of things to come, and CryptoCurve CEO Josh Halferty has targeted more deals like this.

Our mission is to increase adoption of blockchain technology. One of the critical ways for us to do that is to support new, innovative applications like BlockMedx, and providing wallet integration services is a big part of that strategy. It supports new companies that align with our mission, it opens up new opportunities for business CryptoCurve, and it helps promote the interoperable standards for blockchain that we’re building on Wanchain.

The company’s wallet is its highest profile product and it is using that as a showpiece, and an off-the-peg solution. It also offers a developer platform for simple application production and a bespoke blockchain as a service aimed at the well-heeled clients. Skinning its wallet for new clients could prove to be more profitable in the long-run.


What is Wanchain Blockchain?

BlockMedx is also heavily invested in Wanchain blockchain technology, which is effectively a bridge to unite other blockchains and potentially a universal backbone for a global financial system. Wanchain 3.0 hit the testnet earlier this month and all the signs look good for the technology that could easily find a place as the Dr Doolittle of the blockchain world.

If it can talk to all of the animals, and make them work together, it will become a powerful force in its own right. The latest code claims to effortlessly bridge the gap between Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, which is a significant step.

Wanchain has now joined Hyperledger, an open-source project hosted by the Linux Project, to focus on blockchain interoperability. Its own token, the WAN, is currently ranked 66th by CoinMarketCap. A market cap of $96.1 million and a coin price of $0.91 won’t give Ethereum sleepless nights just yet, but this is a coin with tech behind it that could plough a useful furrow.


Usable Tech With Real World Applications

If developers can use both blockchains for specific tasks and weave them together with Wanchain, that opens the door for a whole new generation of blockchain ecosystems, all working to their strengths.

Until we have the perfect blockchain for all seasons this could be a way of combining fast transactions, smart contracts and the best security, all linked through the magic of Wanchain.

CryptoCurve’s wallet is a small step for this flexible blockchain, but we’re hoping for much more from this fledgling blockchain technology before too long. The spotlight is starting to fall on Wanchain and if it can deliver on its promise then it is set for big things.

The author is not currently invested in any digital currency.

Decentral Media’s CEO is an advisor to Wanchain, and was not involved in the creation of this article.

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